Tyler Uriah kneeling beside a majestic giant tortoise in the Galápagos Islands, both surrounded by natural vegetation

Heartfelt Moments in Ecuador: A Journey of Discovery with video

Traveling is an intricate dance of experiences, emotions, and discoveries. It’s not just about the destinations we reach but the journey we undertake and the stories we weave. My 14-day sojourn in the enchanting land of Ecuador was a vivid testament to this sentiment, a journey that transcended mere sightseeing.

The Three Pillars of Travel: Eyes, Mind, and Heart

Every traveler has their tools. For some, it’s the camera, for others, it’s the journal. But universally, we all travel with our eyes, mind, and heart. Our eyes are the first to be seduced by a new place. They scan, capture, and marvel at the unfamiliar. Through the lens of a camera, we try to immortalize moments, hoping to revisit them in the future. But photographs, no matter how stunning, can only capture so much.

Our minds, on the other hand, act as the archivists. They store experiences, facts, and faces. They replay conversations, sounds, and scents. Yet, even the most vivid memories can dim with time.

Then there’s the heart. The most intangible yet profound of all. It’s in the heart that we store feelings, emotions, and the essence of our journeys. It’s here that a sunset becomes more than just colors in the sky, and a mountain becomes a testament to nature’s grandeur.

Quito: A Mosaic of Time and Culture

Quito, the capital of Ecuador, was my first introduction to this diverse country. Nestled high in the Andes, Quito is a city where the past and present coexist. The streets are lined with colonial-era churches and modern skyscrapers, each telling a different story.

The Basilica del Voto Nacional was an architectural marvel. Its gothic spires and intricate carvings are a testament to the craftsmanship of a bygone era. Climbing behind its clock towers was not just a physical challenge but a journey through time. From the top, the panoramic view of Quito was breathtaking, a sprawling cityscape set against the backdrop of the majestic Andes.

“Mitad del Mundo City” or “Middle of the World City” was a blend of fun and learning. The monument marking the equatorial line was a reminder of the geographical wonders of our planet. The museums around provided a deep dive into the indigenous cultures, history, and the science behind the equatorial phenomena.

No visit to Quito is complete without a ride on the Teleférico. As the cable car ascended, the city below seemed to transform. Buildings became miniature, streets turned into threads, and the vastness of the Andes became even more pronounced.

Tyler Uriah, with a group of travelers, stands amidst the dense foliage of the Cuyabeno Jungle in Ecuador. They are outside the Nikki Lodge, which can be glimpsed in the background. The group is dressed in exploration gear, looking excited and ready for adventure. The surrounding jungle exudes a green vibrancy, emphasizing the wilderness and adventure awaiting them
Embracing the wild heart of Ecuador with fellow explorers at Nikki Lodge, Cuyabeno. 🌿🗺 #JungleAdventures #EcuadorEscapade












Venturing into Ecuador’s Wild Heart

Beyond the urban charm of Quito, Ecuador’s true essence lies in its untouched wilderness. The Cotopaxi National Park was a revelation. The park, dominated by the imposing Cotopaxi volcano, was a landscape straight out of a painting. The hike, though strenuous, was a journey of discovery. With every ascent, the views became more spectacular. The Limpiopungo Lagoon was the crown jewel, its waters reflecting the ever-changing Andean sky.

The Cuyabeno jungle was where nature truly showcased its unpredictability. Learning the ways of local tribes while spotting a new and wild animal around every corner. It was clear to me how amazing and diverse our world and that of that Amazon can be.

As we made our way out of this dense rainforest, we were met by a formidable storm. The rain was relentless, and soon, trees were felled, blocking our path. Without hesitation, myself and several fellow travelers disembarked from the bus, braving the storm to push the massive trees off the road. Our efforts were met with thunderous applause from the entire bus upon our return. It was a testament to the spirit of camaraderie and adventure that travel fosters.

Just outside the city, Banos beckoned with its cascading waterfalls and a mountain-top playground. This place was not just about the views, but the experience. Swings, slides, and climbing structures, all set against the backdrop of the Andes, made it feel like a playground in the sky.



Tyler Uriah kneeling beside a majestic giant tortoise in the Galápagos Islands, both surrounded by natural vegetation
Tyler Uriah, up close and personal with a majestic Galápagos giant tortoise. An encounter of a lifetime










Galapagos: Nature’s Time Capsule

The Galapagos Islands were like stepping back in time. This archipelago, with its unique flora and fauna, was a world apart. Swimming with playful sea lions, observing the Galapagos giant tortoises in their natural habitat, and watching the blue-footed boobies were moments that felt surreal. The islands packed a diverse punch in such a compact area, reminiscent of the varied landscapes of Iceland.


Tyler Uriah standing at the Teleférico viewpoint with Quito's sprawling cityscape in the background, accompanied by two friendly llamas gazing into the camera
Elevated vibes with Tyler Uriah at Teleférico. 🚠 Quito’s panoramic beauty meets some unexpected llama buddies! 🌆🦙 #QuitoAdventures #LlamaDram












Ecuador’s Heartbeat: Its Food and People

Ecuador was not just about its landscapes; it was about its people and culture. The food was a delightful revelation, with each dish telling a story of its region. The warmth and hospitality of the Ecuadorians were unparalleled. Every interaction, every meal shared, every dance, added layers to the narrative.

Concluding Thoughts

Ecuador was a surprise. It was one of those places that wasn’t initially on my radar, but it has now etched itself as one of my favorite destinations. The diversity, the hospitality, and the sheer beauty of the place make it a must-visit. It’s a country that surprises, delights, and stays with you long after you’ve left its shores.

If my narrative resonates with you, perhaps it’s time to pack your bags and embark on your own Ecuadorian odyssey. For a more immersive experience of my journey, do check out the video linked here.

Travel is a journey of discovery, not just of places but of oneself. So, as you set out on your next adventure, remember to travel with an open heart, a curious mind, and a keen eye. Safe travels!


Please enjoy the video below. I hope it inspires you to see Ecuador and the world!

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