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Welcome to the home of life deconstructed. This is the place to discover what it means to live life your way with passion and purpose. I want to state I am no guru! I simply wish to inform people of the realisms of entrepreneurship. I also want to stress that I believe small business is the key to solving poverty, racism, social equality and many other worldly issues. I’m constantly updating my entrepreneur lifestyle blog to provide you with a glimpse inside the life of a serial entrepreneur and passionate about others achieving their goals.


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What I Do


What I Do


As a travel blogger, I believe in sharing the most exciting and unforgettable experiences during my travels with you so that you can see the world a little differently.


You’ll be able to discover the secret to my success as you follow along with my entrepreneur lifestyle blog.


I’m right there with you. There’s nothing like living life on the edge while you perform at your peak level.

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I love discovering the amazing things people are doing to impact the lives of as many people in their communities and the world.


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