Are You Trying To Start Your Own Business And Getting Stuck?

You’re not alone. As a three-time entrepreneur myself, I’ve been right where you are before. I’ve spent time building businesses across different industries, and it’s that experience and expertise that I bring to my comprehensive business blogs. An ultimate student of learning the hard way from mistakes and experiences.

Forget what you have been told about business. It is not all money, working your own schedule and fun. If you’re doing it right you’ll be underpaid overworked and live with a sick feeling of anxiety in your stomach 24/7. I don’t believe in the fairy tale world of business I believe in telling you how it really is.

As I walk you through how a welfare kid started a business out of his reach and through sheer stubbornness and grit grew it to a nationally recognized brand. Which means you can too. This Mr. Magoo of business will share with you all the untold truths about business as you share the story. From a fire decimating a location, getting yelled at by a discovery channel producer, unjust and untimely lawsuits and everything in between. Learn how to open a business while living stories of mistakes to learn from.

Lastly the final illusion, anyone can open a business. Those that do are no smarter, richer or more talented than you. Business is the key to poverty, income disparity, racism and charity. Small business is dying and I want you tell help me keep the fight.



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