About Me

About Me

I’m Tyler Copenhaver-Heath

I’m The An Underdog  Entrepreneur With A Passion To Change The World

Growing up a welfare kid with a chip on your shoulder can be a great motivator to find success. I am a serial entrepreneur, free thinker, adventurer and have delusions of changing the world. I am most passionate about helping those who cannot help themselves and bringing a winning mindset to the  underprivileged.

About - Tyler

What I Do


What I Do


As a travel blogger, I believe in sharing the most exciting and unforgettable experiences during my travels with you so that you can see the world a little differently.


You’ll be able to discover the secret to my success as you follow along with my entrepreneur lifestyle blog.


I’m right there with you. There’s nothing like living life on the edge while you perform at your peak level.

Unsung Heros

I love discovering the amazing things people are doing to impact the lives of as many people in their communities and the world.

I strive to be the heart and soul of everything I do in life and am uniquely talented at puzzling together solutions, which can lead to building a business, or living life in a way unlike anyone else. I hold a Bachelors. in Biochemistry from Arizona State University, which has given me a scientific mindset towards exploring my world in business and elsewise.

When you discover how to break life and business down into its simplest form, you’re able to find a sweet spot that brings authenticity, joy, and purpose.

I implore you to think different to decide what’s a life worth living and what are the tools to help make the biggest impacts.

Most self-made entrepreneurs look down on education and brag about their lack of it. After getting an MBA from WP Carey, I am more versed than most to talk about the scrappy go getter side and the formal side of business education, now I’m taking my experiences as an entrepreneur and bringing them directly to you with my revolutionary small business blogs, fitness blogs, and more so you can have all the tools you need right at your fingertips!

Even though I work more than most during the week, I always make time every day for an hour of weight training and one to two hours of kickboxing and Jiu-jitsu training. I also serve on the City of Phoenix Economic and Business Development Sub-Committee.

Are you ready to live life deconstructed?